Experience "The Way"
Through Our Unique Accomodations


Makka means the way to liberate all suffering. The way toward happiness comes from right actions and from the way of the mind. The ultimate life's purpose is to find true happiness. True happiness is the freedom of mind from fewer attachments, that leads to creating peace within.

The word “Makka” was inspired from the philosophy of a "light" within. A feeling of being at a state that promotes a relaxing and an unwinding feeling. Life is a journey with many experiences along the way, happy and unhappy, success and failure, the importance is for individuals to discover and accept all experiences with understanding, and with a mind of perseverance to discover true happiness. Makka hopes to fulfil the moment of one's life experience. Makka wants each individual's time to be with their loved ones, to have time to pause, remain still for a moment and to think about themselves and others. To enjoy the moment of peace and happiness through one’s body and mind.

The hotel provides
a peaceful environment.

Makka is a design hotel based on the eastern
philosophy relating to the strive for a peaceful life
and letting go. The plac​e provides a guest and
peaceful environment in the heart of Chiang Mai
old town.